“Celena’s unique coaching and counselling talents lie not in what can be found in a textbook, but in what can be found in one’s heart and intuition. While Celena certainly has the skills and techniques that one can read in a book, her coaching and counselling gifts reach far beyond simple technique. Her compassion and understanding has brought me greater peace into my life while her poignant challenges have encouraged me to face my own stumbling blocks. Her perspective and insight have truly helped me to achieve a higher level of happiness in my life and for that I am exceptionally grateful.”
Gary Nguyen – Florida, USA

“Thank you Celena for inspiring me! All of the food prep classes and coaching I have experience with you always leave me feeling empowered. I felt honoured and encouraged to share about myself and how I would like to improve myself. I feel like our sessions have been the catalyst to shift my desires into reality. The connection with you has been one of support and non-judgement and I feel very cared for. Thank you for being there for me.”
Ali Akre – Vancouver, BC  Canada

“When faced with life’s little curve balls: ‘discovering your Celiac, having IBS and metabolism slowing down’ it ends up being a huge challenge in life, ‘what to do?’ Meeting you, Celena was the best, your knowledge, your coaching methods and your joy for food has been immensely helpful. You have an incredible talent for layering flavors and explaining how your body processes what you give it. Shopping with you is a great experience; it opens up a world of possibilities. I am grateful for you, Celena, you inspired me to do well and it all starts with learning and consuming the best nutrients, for me, my body and my soul. Thank you.”
Sylvie Hatch – Courtenay, BC  Canada

“In five weeks, Celena’s coaching took me from an animal based diet high in fat and cooked starches, to a primarily raw food diet. In those five weeks I notices an increase in my alertness, an improvement in my skin and fitness, an overall feeling of calm and my desire for caffeine curbed. My daughter has notices some of those changes and says I listen better. Celena guided me through this transition with a step by step approach using weekly meetings to introduce new concepts and build on the previous weeks progress. Her pre meeting and post meeting quenstionnaires were instrumntal in reinforcing what I had learned and clarified to me what I wanted to learn. Celena’s sensitive and consensus driven approach really gave me a sense of ownership over this transformative process. Her knowledge of nutrition and its influence on health is expansive and her gentle manner is a delight. I am extremely grateful to Celena for coaching me to a healthier life.”
Peter Gaskill – Vancouver, BC  Canada