One on One Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Coaching packages may include:

• Wheat, Dairy, and Gluten Allergy Consulting/Coaching

• Celiac Disease Consulting/Counseling

• Vegan & Raw Food Lifestyle Consulting/Coaching

One on One Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Packages Include:

• An initial 60 minute assessment of where you are at with your current habits and lifestyle. Then together we will create a plan and set goals to help you achieve positive life sustaining habits. New habits that will transform your life from where you are now to wherever you aspire to be!

• After your initial assessment we will connect weekly for 30-45 minutes in person/by telephone/via Skype. During these sessions I will provide you with the: education, practical skills, resources, encouragement, support, and guidance to help you successfully reach your personal health & wellness goals

• Weekly email correspondence.

• Nutritional knowledge of the foods you are eating and the effect that they have on your digestion, assimilation, absorption, elimination and REJUVENATION!

• Effective weight loss strategies

• How to deal with food cravings

• Help you develop a personal fitness plan and stick to it!

• Food & recipe ideas to suit your needs and lifestyle

• How to deal with emotions that come up when making lifestyle transitions

• How to stick to your new eating habits when socializing, eating in restaurants, and preparing food for your family

• Shopping & food storage tips

• Inspiration to help you stay motivated & accountable

• Ongoing nutritional consultation and support when healing illness or disease

• Emotional support

• Personal Empowerment!

Who can benefit from a session(s) with Celena:

• People transitioning to a gluten free, dairy free, plant based, or simply just a whole foods diet/lifestyle.

• Anyone trying to eliminate highly processed foods, refined carbohydrates, sugar, oil, and salt from their diet.

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Session Rates:

Single coaching session $45                                     book now

4 Consecutive Weekly Coaching Sessions $135     book now

8 Consecutive Weekly Coaching Sessions $270     book now

11 Consecutive Weekly Coaching Sessions $360   book now


Other Services:


Tired of spending a fortune on fresh produce and other food — then having to throw it away days later?

Spending more money on eating out because there’s nothing at home — or you’re just too hungry to worry about preparing dinner?

Want to spend more quality time with your significant other, children, maybe even your dog?

Want to improve you and/or your family’s overall health and well-being by eating organically, mindfully, ethically, and healthfully?

Want to come home to ready to assemble meals?

**As a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach – specializing in whole plant based foods – I will work with you to find the best system to fit your lifestyle and dietary needs. **

I provide plant-based private chef services to busy professionals, families, seniors, or anyone who may need an extra pair of hands during those unmanageable times.  Not completely plant-based??…No problem…YOU are in charge of which protein to serve with your meals.  I take care of the rest.



  • Help with weekly menu planning – which will provide you with all the components you need to create healthy tasty meals in minutes.
  • Washing, chopping, and proper storage of all your fruits, veggies, and greens – to maximize freshness and longevity – as well as save you money!
  • Fridge clean out and re-organizing.
  • Compost removal.
  • Organization of kitchen cupboards, pantries, drawers, and counters to create a more functional and efficient kitchen space.
  • I will also provide all *non-toxic, hypo-allergenic and bio-degradable cleaning products*, so you can come home to a sparkling clean kitchen that is functional and organized.



  • All the above – PLUS CUSTOMIZED RECIPES to suit your needs.
  • DELICIOUS GLUTEN FREE and VEGAN dishes: Soups, Stews, Curries, Salads, Roasted vegetables, Granola, Dips, Dressings, Salsa and more!
  • Grocery shopping.

Also offered – Home Support:

  • Based on needs. (Let’s talk)

If this type of service interests you and you live in the Greater Vancouver Area, please reply via email.  Leave your phone number and bit about yourself – and we can arrange a time to meet and see if we are a good fit.

Rate $35 per hour.