To Book a session with Celena please follow the instructions below.


Booking & Payment Instructions:

1. Fill out the booking form and email it to me. From here we will be able to tell if we are a good match. If for any reason I feel I am not suited for you as a coach. I will inform you either way as soon as possible.

2. If you haven’t already chosen the package you want, you can do so after receiving the confirmation email from me; once I have assessed the booking form.

3. Choose your package and make your payment via Paypal. (Other payment arrangements will be considered if the coaching sessions will be in person.)

4. Please read my Terms & Conditions.

5. Then once I have received a confirmation of the payment, we can proceed in setting up a scheduled single/weekly coaching time that works for both of us.


If you would like a complimentary 15 minute session by phone/skype, add a note in the comment section of the booking form. From there we can make the necessary arrangements.


Booking Form

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Please include any questions or concerns you may have about nutrition and your health. Also, please indicate your preferred day, time, and time zone.


Nutritional and Lifestyle Coaching