Meet Celena

Celena McCarty is an expert Vegan/Plant Based Chef with experience as a certified Life Coach, Wellness Counselor, and Whole Foods Nutritional Consultant. With a holistic range of services, she can guide you to more healthy and delicious eating habits, while also supporting you through the transition to an enriching and well-balanced life.


Celena thrives on educating, empowering, and inspiring others on their journey to a healthier and happier life. Once you experience Celena’s vibrancy and passion in person, you’ll have no doubt that this is someone who lives the life she teaches. However, things weren’t always this way for her.

At the young age of ten, Celena was already suffering from a number of health issues, such as migraine headaches, undiagnosed food allergies, digestive disorders, severe fatigue, a negative body image, an eating disorder, and severe depression. By her early twenties, she changed her lifestyle, exercising every day, eating a low-cal, low-fat diet. This was supposed to be healthy, and yet her symptoms kept getting worse. In fact, by age 25 she had also developed respiratory problems, sinusitis, Candida, insomnia, and environmental/chemical allergies while working as a hair stylist. Eventually her wheat allergy manifested into celiac disease. She was miserable. “I didn’t want to live anymore.” Something had to change. Deep down, she knew the secret to a brilliant happy life was in the fuel she was putting into her body.

While making nutrition a top priority, Celena read everything she could about whole foods and plant based nutrition, and every career along the way helped her gain practical experience in food service and holistic health. As a Plant Based Chef and Nutritional Consultant, she witnessed the powerful transformations of people who made adjustments to their nutrition and eating habits/lifestyles.

Fast forward to today, Celena wakes up every day full of energy with an exuberant passion for life. She lives every moment experiencing firsthand the invigorating benefits of a plant based diet and lifestyle: the bountiful energy, the wonderful flavors of live, nutrient dense food, and the empowerment and richness of living a joyful life. For those ready to make a change, or required to because of health reasons, Celena can show you how to have a wonderful new relationship with food. Not only will your body thank you, your mouth will be watering in anticipation at every meal.

Contact Celena today, and allow her expertise – and over two decades of experience in plant based nutrition – help transform your life.